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Strat Aero Malaysia Broadcast Location & Identification Platform (BLIP)

The Unifly BLIP functions as an electronic license plate and a tracker. Thanks to BLIP, you always have an eye on all active devices in your airspace. Track your drone to the end of the world and make sure it is in line with today’s regulations.


Identification and tracking in one device


Knowing the exact position of drones is vital in ensuring safe drone traffic. Tracking is a key functionality when it comes to drone use, especially in drone operations that go beyond visual line of sight (B-VLOS). 

By using BLIP, you can always pinpoint the exact location of your drone.

Drone tracking and e-Identification

BLIP provides maximum tracking accuracy, minimal update latency, and secured communications to Unifly's and other cloud services. BLIP allows authorities to access all details of drones flying within a distance of up to 200 meters.

Highly independent

BLIP operates in a highly independent fashion: it has a power source and sensors for position, altitude, temperature, pressure, speed and direction. Simply attach it to a drone, and it is ready for use.


BLIP combines tracking capabilities with e-Identification. On top of that, BLIP uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to broadcast the drone's e-Identification.

Secure data transfer

A take-off position should be properly broadcasted. We transfer this data in compliance with the European legal requirements for drone flights. BLIP sends tracking data over the LTE wireless broadband network to the UTM backbone.

Access for authorities 

Data can be accessed in real-time by relevant authorities through secured (Bluetooth) applications. This allows, for example, a police patrol to consult all details of drones flying within a distance of up to 200 meters of the patrol's position.

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