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Connecting Authorities With Drone Pilots

Authorities can monitor, approve, and manage drone operations and restricted zones in real-time. Drone pilots can plan, validate, and monitor their operations and flights. A proper UTM system increases safety for everyone using the airspace.

Key features

A proper UTM platform increases safety for everyone using the airspace. We guarantee this by providing supervisors with the ability to monitor, approve, and manage drone operations and restricted geo zones in real-time. While drone pilots can plan, validate, and monitor their operations and flights. Unifly's BLIP tracks the drones in real-time.

Unifly offers you a future-proof path to a full UTM solution - supporting all stakeholders. Our platform simplifies authorization requests, supports customized workflows, and integrates with ATM systems.


Geozone Managing

Geo-awareness is crucial for safety. An openly accessible, single point of truth for drone restrictions makes relevant information understandable to non-aviators. Unifly is therefore openly accessible and counts as the single-point-of-truth for drone restrictions. 

Drone pilots can rely on our straightforward app and website. They can discover precisely where and when they are allowed to fly in a way understandable for non-aviators. The pilot always has all the real-time data they need. 


Drone operations planning

Operators can plan and manage multiple operations simultaneously: the overview shows who is flying when, where, and with which drone. Operators can schedule resources, including drones, gear, and crew. The supervisor has an overview of all planned operations linked to an area of responsibility. With advanced filtering, they can find planned operations or focus on different areas.


Drone operations validation

Drone operators need to validate their planned operations. The rule engine can process drone operation plans and checks for compliance with the applicable national regulations. Depending on the customized workflow, the systems can authorize the operations automatically, reducing response time and automating most of the workload. 

If the drone operation can’t be authorized automatically, the drone operator can request authorization from a supervisor such as Air Traffic Control, local government, or law enforcement. Our multiple workflows and scenarios support authorities in their decision process, further reducing the workload.

Real-time airspace automation

All ongoing flights and operations are shown on a real-time map. The supervisor keeps track of all approved drone operations, identifies unauthorized drone traffic, and replays recorded flight data. They can send out notifications immediately if the pilot needs to adjust his flight path.

This way, our UTM platform increases safety for everyone using the airspace.


In-flight communication with ATC 

Two-way communication ensures that supervisors and operators are connected and able to react whenever a specific situation arises. Supervisors can send out alerts for all sorts of circumstances. This ensures that a drone operator is always up to date, providing maximal safety. Drone operators inform the supervisor about the ending and beginning of the drone operation. 



Advanced NOTAM parsing

Data integrity is essential. All geo zones are provided in real-time and have a very high geographical accuracy. Advanced NOTAM parsing improves data accuracy by processing all lines of an ICAO NOTAM. This is how we ensure a clear overview of NOTAM data for drone operators.

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